Cate's Turquoise Bikini


The image of girl in bikini against waves is now iconic due to Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue. This paintings Swimsuit Issue style pose was part of Cate's modelling portfolio we were working on together. 

That's the surface story.  

But I'm painting you a longer story in this artwork.

Cate, my model for this painting, is navigating major life crossroads. She is leaving home for college. She wants to model professionally, but she wants to get her business fashion degrees. She grew up in a beach town and now heads out on her own to the big city.  Independent for the first time. This is the background of this energized oil portrait painting.  

I feel my job as portraitist is to illustrate both the inner and outer person in their portrait painting.  Cate's arms are creating crossroads, the wave patterns clash and crash in an x pattern behind her, even the warm flesh tones sizzle against the background turquoise and azure blues of the water, and the white foam on the waves. The brushstrokes used in the water are thick and tempestuous, while Cate is painted with barely visible strokes, again the contrast of textures. The painting has a glow and resonance from the colors, and an arresting contraposto composition.

All the Cate paintings are from my own photo sessions with a terrific young model.  After reviewing around 1000 photos ( I was carried away with the rapid shutter) I found three pics that totally inspired me to create these almost life size arresting portraits. 

40" x 30" x 1.5"

Oil on Canvas

Sold Unframed, Sides painted neutral gray, wired ready to hang, signed front and back by the Artist Bebe Landers, and you receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity for insurance valuation.

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