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Artist Statement


Bebe Landers paints rhythmic, vibrantly colorful visions of the people, places, and things that inspire her deeply.  Her paintings fascinate and hold your attention thru dynamic compositions based on sacred geometry.  Bebe delights in applying sensuous textured oil paint with palette knife, brushes, scrapers, and cloth. The artist’s every stroke creates emotional intensity expressed in the choice of subject matter, be it landscape, streetscape, portrait or still life. The physicality of the brushwork and rich intensity of the colors reach far beyond the perceived world of realism and embraces the inner sensual, emotional and mysterious qualities of the subjects. Interlaced meanings emerge, compelling you to contemplate the story being told. Bebe uses dramatic color contrasted with subtle hues, interplay of light and dark. The resultant paintings are joyful luminous, mysterious and exciting magically connecting people, place and time.

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