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Oil Paintings

Welcome to Bebe Landers Art Studio.  

Bebe Landers is a sought after realist master portrait painter. 

In addition, Bebe explores the memories and experiences of women in ongoing series of realistic narrative figurative oil paintings . 

Based in Laguna Beach, California, Bebe continues painting the dramatic landscape, seascape and gardens of Southern California in plein air and impressionist style.  

Feel free to contact Bebe directly with questions and commission inquiries. 

Figurative oil Paintings

Narrative figure painting tells a story, a narrative for the viewer to ponder over. I love portraying women experiencing emotional connections in the everyday moments that make up our lives. The compositions and color are carefully designed to evoke curiosity and shared human connections.  My paintings are mostly set in a time before technology ruled every interaction. I often reference nostalgia and history, drawing from the 20th century before technology affected every interaction. 

oil portrait paintings

Realistic oil painted portrait paintings are very personal.  They capture the sitter's personality, likeness, and world they live in. Portraits are a forever memory and legacy for future generations of who you are. 

landscape oil paintings

I have been painting landscape paintings in oil throughout my career. It's such a joy to capture the energy and beauty of nature's bounty.  Living in Laguna Beach, California, a center of plein air painting is consistently inspiring.  Landscapes are an escape, a holiday and an appreciation of all we are gifted in this world.  If you have a favorite view, lets talk commission.

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